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Bridging The Gap Between Online Payments & Your Insurance Processing System!

EVO eZpay provides you with the ability to take your existing online payment system to a whole new level. Working with United Software Developers, EVO eZpay enhances the online payment process that your insureds experience when visiting your website. Offer the following additional features at NO ADDITIONAL COST:

  • Automatic Posting of Paid Invoices to the USD Database: EVO eZpay and USD are exploring avenues to provide all USD Users with the ability to have all online payments post directly back to the database. Additional reporting capabilities on the website will also help to reconcile bank statements to insure that all payments have posted properly.
  • Bill Presentment: We will upload your receivables file into our secure site and present only those bills that are due. Files will automatically refresh at the end of each day so new policies will be added, paid policies will be removed; all with a single keystroke.
  • Alternative Online Payment Method – eChecks: Offer your insureds the ability to pay by check instead of credit card. As opposed to credit card fees which are a percentage of the transaction, eChecks are a flat fee regardless of the amount of the transaction.
  • Additional Features:
    • Shopping Cart Interface
    • Integrated Voice Recognition
    • Custom Front End Features


  • NO PROCESSING FEES DEDUCTED FROM DEPOSITORY ACCOUNT: Insurance Company receives 100% of payment. 
  • Accept Payments 24/7: Insured can enter credit/debit card information on Insurance Company website and payment authorization is instant. No waiting for funds to
  • Insured’s Privacy is Never Compromised: All credit/debit card information is kept totally secure and never compromised.
  • Recurring Billing Option: Policy is automatically deducted using “Recurring Billing” option: At the discretion of the customer, automatic payments can be made on a monthly basis, bi-yearly or annual
  • Insurance Company Receives All Funds via ACH: Funds get deposited into a specified account within two business days. Payment is guaranteed once credit/debit card has been authorized at the time of the
  • No Equipment Required: Insured can make payment via the Insurance Company’s website. A link is installed on your website which directs the insured to our PCI/DSS compliant secure website where the transaction is completed. All risk of data compromise is no longer the responsibility of the Insurance
  • Real Time Reporting: Detail and summary levels for Insurance personnel in real Exporting .xls and .txt formats capabilities as well.

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