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  • Complete Policy Issuance System
  • Full Admin Panel with User rights
  • Carrier guidelines built in
  • Set required fields to quote and bind
  • Assign rights to bind, request to bind or request an exception from an underwriter

United Software Developers, Inc. (USD) web based rater and policy issuance system is a proven all-in-one, simple to use quick quote and bind system. The USD web rater can be customized for your Insurance Company's rates and guidelines. Guidelines are built directly into the system which greatly reduces the risk of cancellations due to employee error and overlooked guidelines.

Admin panel allows management to set rights for employees including a notes section for time and date stamped documentation. Agents will be able to give a client a quote in seconds and process an application in minutes. Reporting features include customized reports that can be searched, sorted, printed and exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. All of the built in features allow for a simple, easy to use program that will save time and increase productivity. Your company's volume of business will significantly increase using this proven rating system.

Upon request, USD will supply a daily output file that can be dumped into your insurance company's own management system. All you have to supply is the specs for the file layout. This will save time by eliminating data entry for all new applications.

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  • Date and time stamped notes
  • Dashboard
  • Add Wholesalers, Sub-Agents, Direct Agents and Employees and Set User Rights
  • Complete Reporting
  • Integrated Email and Messaging

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